Hello and welcome to malteseterriers.co.uk - this is an information site all about the Maltese terrier breed. We aim to tell you all about this breed and if you are wondering whether this breed is for you then carry on reading.

The Maltese terrier is a small breed and also known as a lap dog. They have big dark eyes and a silky white or cream coat. The Maltese is a very lively and playful dog but is also gentle loving and trusting. They are very intelligent and good at learning quick commands and training. They are quite easy going dogs and do not need a large garden, a lot of their exercise is done with play time in and around the house and then a daily walk will be just enough. With these dogs being a small breed they don't tend to grow any bigger than between 8 - 10 inches tall and weigh between 6 - 9 pounds. Depending on the life style of the dog and depending on whether it lives a healthy life, they can live between 12 - 15 years of age! This means you must realise the dog will be a big part of your life for quite a while.

One important thing you must remember if you are looking at getting the Maltese breed is that just because they are small dogs, you must not let them get away with things a big dog wouldn't. This can cause small dog syndrome (SDS). I know it might be hard also, but you must remember to not over pamper the dog, this can cause them to become snappy and jealous. This can be towards yourself and even visitors. They can also become obsessive barkers and these are not the traits of a Maltese Terrier.

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